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Binnington Blooms

Photo: by Tessa Bunney

Binnington Blooms

Let me introduce myself, I’m Jill and I have lived with my family on our farm in North Yorkshire for many years but I grew up in the Channel Islands where my father grew commercial glasshouse chrysanthemums and both my parents were enthusiastic gardeners.


Binnington Blooms was created in 2013 born out of a passion for gardening and love of flowers.  The light sandy soil of our livestock farm lends itself to flower growing and a plentiful supply of cow muck is an added bonus. Flowers are grown with sustainability in mind and according to the rhythms of nature and the weather. The majority of the flowers are grown outside and so allowed to flower in their natural season.  Those grown in a more protective environment do not have artificial heat or light.


Quality and freshness are the two key principles of my flower production.  I concentrate on growing, cutting and conditioning the flowers and am happy to leave the creative floristry to others.

It is working in tune with nature that allows the flowers to open at their natural time thereby producing a strong, quality stem and is the reason why the choice of flowers changes from week to week.  Occasionally when necessary I purchase flowers from other british flower growers to fulfill specific orders. However 100% of what I supply is british.


Supplying the freshest and long lasting flowers to my customers wrapped in a minimum of packaging, which have been grown in a sustainable manner and travelled the minimum of distance is of the up most importance to me.


I benefit greatly from being a member of Flowers from the Farm, a network of british flower growers who share information and advice.

 Image by Sarah Banks

Photo: by Sarah Banks

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