Yorkshire Country Garden Flowers - seasonal cut flowers


Binnington Blooms

Binnington Blooms

Flowers are available from mid March to mid Oct.


Yorkshire flower grower, Jill Smith, cultivates beautiful fragrant country garden flowers for cutting on the family farm in North Yorkshire.  

You can buy scented and colourful blooms as individual bunches through to supplying cut flowers for entire weddings and we sell wholesale to florists.

Binnington Blooms flowers are seasonal, changing month by month.  The huge range of varieties and colours means there is always a stunning mix to choose from.  

Our aim is producing top quality flowers at peak freshness giving you a long lasting unique product.

Flowers are kept in fresh water from picking to delivery.  They are sustainably grown, marketed locally and never sold wrapped in quantities of packaging.


picture courtesy of Tessa Bunney

Binnington Blooms

Jill was brought up in the Channel Islands where her father grew commercial glasshouse chrysanthemums.  She moved to Yorkshire on marrying a dairy farmer.  

Binnington Blooms was created in 2013 born out of a passion for gardening and love of flowers.  The light sandy soil of their dairy farm lends itself to flower growing and a plentiful supply of cow muck is an added bonus.

Jill has developed her expertise in growing, cutting and conditioning the flowers.  She is happy to leave the creative floristry and wedding work to others.

Quality and freshness are the two key principles of her flower production.

Jill benefits greatly from being a member of Flowers from the Farm, a network of British flower growers who share information and advice.


‘Beautiful flowers, grown with love.  I couldn’t be happier. Such a lovely, personal service too.’ 


Rose Charnock


'Perfect blooms for a very special couple on their 72nd wedding anniversary.  Thank you so much for your care and attention.’


Lynn King

Binnington Blooms

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